For many homeowners, especially here in the south part of the US, pets are decision-governing members of the family unit. This makes it just as important for them also to have the perfect home. When it comes to laying out and decorating your home, there are some essential elements to keep in mind to make sure your pets feel at home. We have put together some easy ways to make sure your home is safe for your four-legged family members.

Choose pet-friendly flooring

Scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant, that can’t be mentioned enough. Two good examples of durable materials are ceramic tile and laminate. These surface materials are much easier to clean, maintain and live their best life. If temperature is a concern, area rugs can easily be used to warm up the floor. But what about carpet?  Look into a low-pile carpet that reduces the chances their nails being caught in the fibering. It’s worth mentioning that pet allergens do tend to make their way into the carpet and could be a little more difficult to clean.

Create a pet snuggery

Everyone needs their own space, right?  Your pet is no different.  After all that family loving or playtime, they need a place of their own for the much-needed R&R (rest and relaxation). It can be as easy as a pet bed in the corner of a specific room or their own crate in another part of the house.

Be mindful of your home’s décor

When it comes to choosing colors, keep your pet’s fur color(s) in mind. Choose colors that are as close to your pet’s natural fur color so the remanence they’ll inevitably leave behind won’t be as much of a nuance. Similarly, be sure to consider furniture with stain-resistant materials to make cleaning and upkeep quick and easy. Keep small decorative pieces up and out of reach of your furry friends and make sure you choose pet-friendly plants.

Choose mess-free toys

You have toys, I have toys… your pet needs too. Keeping them entertained and from destroying your furniture will make home ownership that much easier. However, not all toys are created the same! Lean towards toys that won’t make a mess, like the rubber chew toys or tug-a-war rope toys. While some dogs love rawhide bones, new research may steer you in a different direction and rawhide can also leave greasy stains on the floor and furniture. For your cats, provide scratching posts, smaller toys they can play with by themselves, and elevated places they can sit and observe.

Fence them in

Safety is the driving force with this one… your neighbors will thank you too.  If your pet spends any time outside, you’ll want to make sure you have a tall, sturdy fence around your yard. This keeps them safe from running out into the street and keeping other strange animals out.

Adopt a few of these small touches and your home will immediately be more pet-friendly while providing a safe and enjoyable place for them to call their own. Every home needs a little bit of Southern Charm.  Visit us online at to learn more about our new homes throughout Marion County.