The real estate market continues to thrive despite the pandemic. Many Americans have recently taken advantage of historically low interest rates to purchase a new house. But moving during the holiday season – and during a pandemic – can take a serious toll on your holiday spirit. If you’ve just moved, then your new place may not feel like home yet. And since most of us will be hunkering down this year instead of celebrating with friends and family, it’s important to infuse your new place with some holiday cheer. Here are some simple things that you can do to make your house feel like home this holiday season.

Focus on the kids first

Did you move into a new house with your children? This time of year is especially important to them. And moving during the holidays can be disruptive for children, who may worry that Santa won’t be able to find them. If you want your kids to enjoy the holidays as much as possible, then get their rooms set up first. That way, they’ll have a place that feels like theirs even if the rest of the house feels unfamiliar.

Decorate for the holidays

Just because you haven’t arranged all the furniture, organized all the closets, and hung all the art doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for the holidays. Your unpacked boxes can wait another day or two. Instead, unpack your favorite holiday items and decorate your new home with them. That could mean putting up the tree, stringing up some lights, or simply lighting some holiday-scented candles to get you in the spirit.

Make a meal

While it’s tempting to order take out every night when you’re first moving in, nothing says “home” like preparing a meal in your own kitchen. Plan to make a simple meal in your new home right away, like a big bowl of pasta or even a turkey breast in your slow cooker. Choose something that doesn’t require many utensils or appliances. Filling your house with familiar cooking smells that you enjoy will make it feel much more like home.

Create a retreat

Moving can be exhausting! So do yourself a huge favor and have a place where you can relax and rest. Maybe this means setting up the family room so you can have a holiday movie marathon over the holidays. Or perhaps it means getting everyone’s bedrooms squared away so you can have a proper rest every night. Prioritize your comfort right now so you can feel refreshed.

Set out family photos

After spending so much time in isolation this year, we all miss our loved ones. Feel their spirit around you by unpacking family photos and displaying them around your house. While you may not be able to see your family and friends in person this year, you can surround yourself with their loving presence.

Take a walk

Finally, part of feeling at home is feeling like you’re part of a community. Start getting to know your new community by taking walks around the neighborhood. Hopefully, many of your neighbors will have festive holiday displays that will give you some cheer. And you may even meet a new neighbor or two while you’re out!

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